The D

Detroit. In recent years it has become less the name of a city and more of a hipster buzzword. It is the capital of the rustbelt middle-america, the quintessential mid-sized city that has completely failed. Yes, people still live there, some even manage to find jobs – and plenty have relocated there to take advantage of the cheap rent in old buildings that somehow survived the ongoing decades of decline.

Make no mistake though, that ‘The D’ is still very much a city in ruins. There are not enough pixels on the internet to properly document the absolute widespread destruction of this city. Every imaginable type of building – from storefronts to homes, from factories to police and fire stations – lay abandoned and looted. Only concrete and wooden shells remain. The city has so little money that they recently closed one of their police stations. The massive abandoned Packard automobile factory has a web page dedicated to keeping track of whether or not it is on fire at the moment. The fire department doesn’t even bother to respond to calls there anymore.

This bombed out, ‘Dresden in ’45’ style city is impossible to completely describe in either words or photos. My suggestion is simple: if you’re a brave fool itching to see what happens when society takes a very bad wrong turn – head on up to the D.

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