Occupy Wall Street – 9/30/11

I love photographing a good protest. Getting good shots during an event like this reminds me a lot of live concert photography, only perhaps laced with cocaine hyperactivity. During a concert, you need to catch the action, generally from off stage or in the press pit. You only get one shot at catching the energy of the moment, from one direction. A protest though is intense – moving through a changing landscape. The perspective changes minute by minute, sometimes second by second. You need to be 100% in the moment, know the geography and always keep looking ahead for good shots, and behind you for the increasing dangers (traffic, more police, or a potential shot). You have to run ahead, climb up poles, scaffolds, fences – anything that can get you a wider view of the action. Then when the time comes, you need to be ready to plunge into the crowd and squeeze your way into position for the shot.

The following photos were taken on Friday, Sept. 30th, 2011 – during one of the more peaceful marches of the ‘occupy wall street’ protest. Arrests or not, there was a large crowd, and a lot of energy in the air. I overheard more than one person ask ‘when is this going to end’ – and received an answer I never heard at any other protest I’ve covered: “When there is a revolution”.



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