I, like a lot of other people that ventured downtown on a certain morning 10 years ago, just plain don’t want to talk about the past anymore. I’ve wrapped up all memories of the sights, sounds and that god awful smell and tucked them far back in my brain. I’ve tried writing about it, but that usually turns into an epic essay not well suited to the web. It’ll have to take a chapter of an autobiography that maybe I’ll get to write someday.

Instead, I just offer the above photos as a means towards looking forward. On a whim I went down to Brooklyn to take these shots tonight. I figured the ‘tribute in light’ would be on, but it was not. Instead, I was a bit surprised to see how far along the ‘freedom tower’ has come. I brought along my 70-200mm L series to zoom in a bit, but I suspect this last photo, shot at 10mm – tells the story better. The young couple just happened to be there, and they fit into the shot perfectly. Looking forward. It’s something that a lot of people are having a hard time with these days. Perhaps this new building will come to symbolize the rise of a new era.

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